Fat Loss

fat loss

You might be suffering from morbid obesity, having family history of being overweight or you might be suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol issues, depression, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, thyroid, PCOs or many such conditions due to being . Your case may be the one that “no one is fat in my family” or “ I am like this since my childhood” or ”everyone is fat around me”.... whatever the situation might be, we are here to help you. Getting rid of excess fat is systematic process and we will work it out together.

Essential body fat percentage required to function properly is 5 – 15% in males and 8 – 20% in females, so this is the natural composition of human body. And which is natural can be surely achieved by scientific – focused approach.

The initial reference data which we will need is your height in centimetres, your weight in kilogram, your abdominal circumference, your body composition analysis scan and your blood check-up report.

We are ready to start even if don’t have all these things, but our plan will be precise when we have these reference points.