Success Stories

My problem of uric acid levels is resolved and now I can go for trekking without taking any pain killer .I lost 3 inches and 6 kgs which was a bonus ! Thanks.

Samir Ganu

I am 35 years old and a mother of two . I approached Dr. Sharvari when I weighed 72kg at 5’2” .5 months of clean eating end now I am 56. I feel like I am in my teens again .Thank you so much !

Vaishali Shelke

I am suhani’s mother Neeta my daughter is 10 years old. She was 72 kg at 5’3” 6 months back . Dr sharvari taught us how to take control of our eating habits .Now Suhani is 62 kg and 5’4” . We are still in the process and she is more confident and bubbly now a days . Really thank you.

Suhani Bahirat

I had my gall bladder removed a few years back. Was suffering from post delivery depression and weight gain after my 2nd delivery .I weighed 113kg and my life was a mess. I am going to meet Dr.Sharvari regularly . I am 90 kg now and my pills for mood swing and knee pain are gone !!! I am on my way toward health. Thanks for guiding me.

Gaytari Ganu

I am 35 years old & a patient of diabetes I was taking 26 units of insulin and my sugar levels are for the 1st time in normal range .Now I take 5 units & feeling great .My energy levels are high and I can focus and work much better now . Thank you!

Utkarsh Kelkar

I have had gastric bypass surgery for excessive weight gain I was still gaining weight and my habits were horrible for the first time in my life my weight is my control & I eat healthy. Thank You so much.

Khushboo Kelkar

I am 61 years old and have struggled with weight gain whole my life . I was 82 kg and was prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs followed the nutrition or Dr. Sharvari Inamdar told me Meanwhile accidently fractured my leg I was afraid to gain all that weight back as was inactive for 6 months. Thank God.. I am still 65kg and haven’t taken any medication for cholesterol .Thank You so much.

Purna Bharde

I wanted to do Aasanas which include standing on one hand as I am International Yoga champion .I have problem of asthma & allergy .After consulting with Dr.Sharvari I started weight training and eating right won 1 gold & 1 silver at world championship 2018 (Argentina) My asthma is getting better looking forward to become more strong. Thank You!

Devdatta Bharde