Insulin: The health hormone and food frequency

If we want to be healthy , then we should know some basic things about hormone insulin. Though the subject is little bit deep, I ‘ll try and make it easy to understand. You must have heard many times that you should eat 6 to 8 small meals distributed throughout the day.
Let’s see what Ayurved says once you have your meal if takes about 4 to 6 hours of time for its digestion & assumption .so when we take Ayurved ‘Dinacharya upkram’ (Systematic way of executing day today activities) into consideration one meal in the afternoon & second meal before sun set ; that’s all of it –only 2 meals are considered more than sufficient when one wants to be healthy .The principle behind this is explained very effectively in today’s literature.

Whenever you eat you get some insulin response. It is the main hormone which is responsible for where is your food going when you have it .
Means when you eat food then action of insulin start. Insulin is a hormone secreted by bita cells of of pancreas. Presence of insulin is blood indicates that we are getting food from outside so there is no need to use our own body fat for energy.
The funny thing is ,if you are eating every 2-3 hours then every time you have food your blood glucose levels go up and insulin continuously will work to get that sugar out of blood stream. As high blood sugar levels are bad for your internal organs ,nerves, eyes etc. Insulin constantly works for maintaining the blood glucose levels . But when you still eat too frequently then the time comes when body cells refuse to identify insulin signals. Imagine some salesman is ringing your door bell continuously and trying to sell you same thing again & again then what will you do ? you will open the door and tell him for once that ‘I don’t disturb me; go somewhere else’.

Same happens with insulin too when body cells refuse to identify insulin signals ,pancreas try to produce more of it . These high insulin levels are often known as insulin resistance.
And when your body is going to give up depends entirely on your tolerance level your genetics to Telerate crabs. This extremely tolerant population only contributes about 10% of other society .
The other most important factor other than frequency of your food matters a lot is content a lot of your food . The only food group which pisses of insulin is carbohydrates. And this insulin and its chronic presence is blood is also responsible for causing and curing metabolic disorders.

Metabolic disorders are high blood pressure ,low HDL ,elevated waist line ,obesity, elevated blood sugar , prediabetes, diabetes and so on.
So regular stretching and progressive improving activities is a must you can really practice different flexibility though the purpose is / different.
You can have one or all the metabolic disorders because of nor taking care of insulin. So if you want to take care of your insulin you take good care of your insulin & it will take unbelievably excellent care of yours in return!!!