Practical ways for being healthy

Dimensions of health mainly include

  • • Physical health
  • • Mental & emotional health
  • • Spiritual health
  • • Social health
Physical health is “the” basis of all the other parameters of health. The tripod on which physical health stands is ‘Aahar’ (nutrition),’Nidra’(sleep), ‘Vyayam’(exercise). When it comes to physical health you have to take care of food you eat, amount & quality of sleep you get and exercise you do.

Food has impact on every aspect of your life .Whatever exercise you may do,if you are not eating right you will never achieve your highest possible potential.
As Ayurved says
‘आहारसम्भव वस्तु, रोगाश्चाहारसम्भवा:' ।
All living beings are created out of ‘Ahar ’(Nutrition) and all ill health is also outcome of ‘Ahar’ (wrong nutrition). So what should one eat to achieve health ? As there is so much confusion about what eat when to eat how much to eat . There are hundreds of opinions regarding this we will see & discuss this all in detail. And yes, physical health is also dependent on your genetics up to some extent. But, that doesn’t mean that after coming across some problem you just blame it on genetics & do nothing about it.

If you work on parameters which are completely, under your control then you don’t have to worry much about the things which are not in your hands.
When it comes to emotional & mental health the thoughts or inputs you feed your mind & brain with matter a lot. And believe me the nutrition you have has tremendous impact on what you think & how you feel .State of your physical fitness surely impacts your hormones & your mental health in turn.
I truly believe that ‘Yogamarga’ is the best way to peruse ‘Spiritual health’,यम ,नियम ,आसन, प्राणायाम ,प्रत्याहार ,धारना ,ध्यान ,समाधी [Yam, Niyam, Aasan,,Pranayama, Pratyahar,Dhar,Dhyan,Samadhi ] These ‘Antarang’ & ‘Bahirang’ yog guides and enlightens you on your journey of spiritual health.

Above all; if you are physically ,mentally & spiritually healthy but society is not getting benefited by you or you are being nuisance to life on earth ;then your other aspects of health do not matter at all. Human being is a social animal and is designed to live in a society. Hence being helpful and kind to others and doing.
Socially productive work is inherit part of being healthy . Let’s all begin the journey of being better at what we eat , what we think & what we do Bless us all to lead happy ,healthy & prosperous lives.

practical ways